What is Podcasting? 10 Best Steps How to Start Podcast in 2022

What is Podcasting

What is Podcasting?

In this blog, we will see what is Podcasting, how to start the first podcast step by step, and benefits of the podcast. Let’s start with what is podcasting?

Podcasting is a technique to transmit (in other words – sharing) audio files by the using internet on different platforms. These audio files you can download on your device like computers and mobile.

Mostly audio files are available in mp3 formats because of audio files. Basically podcast is available in series. Once you upload all new podcast episodes, it will be reached to subscribers automatically.

I have one more time explanation for what is podcasting? Podcasting is just like a kind of marketing strategy that would be on an audio format platform just like we have YouTube video platforms.

Moreover, once a podcast has been downloaded, you can listen to your computer or on your mobile device. But the important thing is, this podcast can be transferable from one to another device like mobile phones, iPods, or any other personal device. So this is the basic definition of what is podcasting.  

iPod Podcasting

Let’s little bit go in the history part. The word “Podcasting” comes from the combination of 2 words that are iPod and broadcasting. “iPod + Broadcasting = Podcasting”.

In an original way, if we look at the aim of podcasting then it was only for Apple iPods. However, today’s digital era, we can see that you can listen to podcasts on different devices like your computer, mobile phones, and other personal devices.

Let say if you do not get time during a day to listen to the podcast then you can listen to podcasts in your car also. And it will be as long as you can play music on your device, you will be able to listen to podcasts.

The most flexible option we have here is, there is no such a way or make a rule to record your podcast only in the English language. In the podcast, you can record it in any language like your mother tongue and you can talk about any kind of niche its up to you.

If you are a beginner then I recommend you, you can start your podcast for free of cost on the anchor application/website. Just like I have my podcast channel on the anchor platform.

And if you are listeners then you do not have to search every time for each podcast file. Just you have to subscribe-podcast channel. Once you subscribe to Podcasts, it will come to you automatically on your preferable device.

Another benefit of the podcast is, it gives you permission or you can say approval to listen to your content or episodes whenever you want.

For example, you can listen on the train, while driving, at work, home, and in any other place. See how it is flexible. I hope you get a clear idea of what is podcasting in detail.

What is Podcasting used for?

Here are some important factors what is podcasting used for.

Podcasting is used to gain knowledge about the particular niche or topic that you are interested in. You can get knowledge without having to read or videos. You can get through an audio file only.

Also, podcasting is used for educational purposes, especially for students. Like let say if you are a student, and you want to know about your particular subject then you can take it through download free of costs.

According to me, Podcasts become very flexible for students because you can gain knowledge about your subjects while you are sitting in the car, while you are walking when you are in group. A lot of options you have.

Alright, I told you that you can listen podcast. But how?

As a listener, as I mentioned earlier that you just have to subscribe-podcast and you can receive podcasts on your device and you can listen at your convenient time. And the best part is most of the podcasts are free of cost. There is no chance of getting spam podcasts as we receive in email.

Another amazing point is, we all know that the podcast is available in the audio file. Right! And this audio file could be in a smaller size or longer size. It depends on the podcaster. I hope I tried my best to explain what is podcasting used for.

Why Podcasts are great?

From my personal experience, I can tell you guys, why podcasts are great because it is so easy to access. That’s what I like.

Once you record your podcast, it will distribute to people within a second all over the world easily. Also, if you are a popular podcaster then your podcast has the potential to reach millions of people.

Another great thing, Podcast has no limits like radio. Radio is working on a specific frequency and it reaches to limited people.

However, once you broadcast your podcast, it goes over the internet and will reach all over the world. See how podcasts are great !!

How to start podcast?

How to Start Podcast

This is a very important thing for beginners and others as well that how to start a podcast. What should I do in the first podcast? How will be my podcast once it’s on-air? So many questions people have about the first podcast.

Here I am mentioning some tips on how to start podcast step by step and make your career in the podcast.

The first step, when you starting your first podcast, you must have a niche that’s you are passionate about it. It could be anything like food, fashion, digital marketing, fitness, and more. It totally depends on your interest.

The second step, once you choose your niche that you are talking about, then find out the top 10 or top 20 podcaster that is working on the same niche. And the most important thing is you need to give time to your niche.

For example, if your niche is digital marketing, go and check out the top 10 shows based on digital marketing. And try to get knowledge about people who like digital marketing. This research will give you a path for your niche.

How to start podcast

The third step, decide a name of your niche which would be SEO friendly.

The fourth step, after that you must design your podcast image or logo and it would be 1400 X 1400 square. The logo should be based on your niche so it is easy to recognize.

The fifth step, after creating the logo, you must have a script ready in your hand to discuss. So you need to work on the script and it takes days to be ready. Also, you need to make a plan that how long your podcast would be. Is it 5 mins, 10 mins or 20 mins. Set up a time.  

The sixth step, after that you must have the best quality of the microphone which gives a better quality of voice. Make sure your voice would be loud and clear for pronunciations.

The seventh step, now you need to record your podcast that you want to discuss about it.   

The eighth step, once you have recorded your podcast then you have to edit your first podcast. You have to edit like remove unnecessary things like cough, sneeze, umm, etc so it looks good for listeners.

The nineth step, after editing part, you need to submit your podcast on different platforms or applications like iTunes, anchor, Spotify, and more channels we have.

The tenth step, here you can get options to share your podcast on social media so just share it. Therefore you can get more listeners.

Other things that you have to keep in mind are:

once you broadcast your first episode, make sure you are consistent about the podcast. It means that you have to deliver what you promise.

Then you need to stick with your niche. Don’t go beyond your niche. Otherwise, your audience will be getting bored.

Don’t think about your first episode like how is my episode, how fluent I am, people like it or not. Do not worry about all these things, just make your podcast and broadcast it.

Trust me you will see the difference between your 1st episode and 50th episode.

So these all things are you need to keep in mind and follow it. I hope this all information you get about how to start a podcast.

How to listen to a podcast?

The podcast is in demand for a few years. There are a lot of niches available on the podcast so you can gain knowledge from any of them. Just you have to download an audio file on your device and you are good to go with it.

However, still few people do not know how to listen to the podcast, especially for beginners. So I am here to discuss how to listen to a podcast in your devices. We will see different kinds of ways here.   

Different Ways to Listen Podcasts:

1. How to listen to podcast on your computer (Laptop/Desktop) 

2. How to listen to podcast on your smart phones (Mobiles) 

3. How to listen to podcast on your car 

4. How to listen to podcast on your smart speaker

How to listen to podcast on your computer (Laptop/Desktop)

Listening to podcast on your computer is the easiest way. What you have to do is just go to that podcast website and you can see the play button over there. Just click on that button and you can listen to that podcast episode. It’s just that simple.

However, you have to sit along with a computer but if you have a laptop then it’s good. But still, you can not go outside with that device right. So this is a disadvantage of this device.

But the good thing is before you subscribe to your podcast channel, you can at least listen on the website first. So it is quite easy. Right? 

How to listen to podcast on your smart phones (Mobiles)

This is one of the easiest devices that you can listen to the podcast. You can access anytime and any places according to your convenience.

If you are using an iPhone then you do not need to worry about it because it comes with a podcast that is called Apple Podcast. You just have to search the directory and find new shows according to your interest and subscribe to it. Now you are ready to listen to your podcast. You see it is so easy.

If you are using Android phones then it provides Google Podcast inbuilt. But Google podcast has some limitations so it is better to download apps like Spotify, anchor, Castbox, and more which are easy to access.    

How to listen to podcast on your car

Most people like to listen to the podcast in the car due to busy days at work. But how to listen to the podcast in the car? How? It is so simple via Bluetooth.

Just you have to connect a Bluetooth device with your car and play podcasts from your mobile and you good to listen.

But if what we do not have Bluetooth? Again it is simple to say that just use aux cable. Connect from mobile to your car and you are ready to listen to the podcast. You see how simple it is.

How to listen to podcast on your smart speaker

Nowadays smart speaker is in demand. You might have a question that how to use smart speakers for the podcast.

It’s just simple again to use the Bluetooth function. Bluetooth speaker allows connecting with your mobile and just playing podcasts. Easy right?  

How Podcasting work?

Let’s check it out step by step how podcasting works.

Step By Step How Podcastsing Works:

Step 1 Record and Edit your Episode

Step 2 Upload on Podcast Host

Step 3 Podcast Host Creates RSS Feed

Step 4 Set up Podcast Directory Accounts & Submit RSS Feed

Step 5 RSS Feed shares Episode to Podcast Directories automatically

Step 6 Audience Find your Podcast and can listen

Step 1 – Record and Edit your Episode

First, you need to record your episode on software like riverside, squadcast, cleanfeed, etc for remote interviews. Then you have to edit that episode in other software like adobe audition, logic pro, GarageBand, audacity, etc

Step 2 – Upload on Podcast Host

After editing your episode, you have to upload it to the podcast host. Make sure that you give episode title, description, and logo.

Step 3 – Podcast Host Creates RSS Feed

Once you upload your episode to podcast host, the RSS feed will be generate automatically.

Step 4 – Set up Podcast Directory Accounts & Submit RSS Feed

What are podcast directories? Basically, podcast directories are applications like an anchor, Spotify, apple podcast, google podcast, and more. The audience downloads these apps and listens to your podcast.

Basically what you need to do is, set up an account on podcast directories and submit your RSS feed link on it. So it creates a connection between hosting and directory.

Step 5 – RSS Feed shares Episode to Podcast Directories automatically  

You have to upload your episode to podcast hosting all the time and your RSS feed comes up with new information. Moreover, your directories present the newest episode on your podcast listing automatically.

Step 6 – Audience Find your Podcast and can listen

Once your RSS feed submitted on directories, the audience can listen to your podcast at any apps. Other than that your audience subscribes to your podcast, the next episode will be notified automatically.

Now you know in 6 steps how podcasts works.    

Are podcasts Audio or Video?

Let me clear your doubts. Most of the Podcasts are available in Audio but somehow video podcasts are also available. So let’s see what is audio podcast and video podcast.

Audio Podcast

Nowadays we all know that podcast is in high demand. Mostly podcast comes in audio files. Also, people like to hear audio files only. Because the reason is people like to hear audio files whenever they want and easy to access also.

For example, most people like to hear the podcast in the car due to a hectic schedule. Also, they can listen in the gym, during walking, cooking, and more.

During all activities, audio podcast is an important part of podcasting. Because you just have to do one click and you can listen to it. Therefore, audio podcasting is better than video podcasting.

Video Podcast

The video podcast is just like an audio podcast but comes in video content. Video content is in the form of a fixed image or video recording.

Some of the people like to prefer video podcast than an audio podcast. Because they want to see your face and action on video.

However, video content podcast is less engaging than audio podcast.

In my opinion, I can say that an audio podcast is the best way to listen because I can hear according to my convenience.

How Podcast Make Money?

Let’s talk about important part of this article that is how you can make money through Podcasting.

Ways to Make Money:

1. Sales your products and services

2. Podcast sponsorships

3. Affiliate marketing   

4. Premium Contents

5. Events

6. Public Speaking

Sales your products and services

According to me, this is the simplest and easiest way to make money. But when I am talking about easiest then you should be popular or should be in demand.

Here, you can make money by selling products and services through your podcast. But before you sell any products, make sure that the product should be relevant to your audience because they trust you. This way you can make money to sell products.

Also, you can offer some discounts or coupons to your audience to attract them. You can convert them to take action for products.

In other sense, I can say that you can use podcast as a marketing tool.

Podcast sponsorships

In this technique, you must be famous or in demand. Then and then you can get sponsorship.

You can earn money through podcast sponsorship. For example, let say once you become popular, you will be received sponsors and you can get money every month through sponsorship.

Also, if your podcast gets 3000 download per episode, you will earn money with it too.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the biggest way to earn money in terms of podcasting. You can generate passive income here.

What you can do here is, simply you just have to promote someone’s product and give an offer or discount from your side.

Once your customer buys the product, you will be received a commission from the company. That’s how you can make money through affiliate marketing by podcasting.   

Premium Contents

This is also one of the ways to make money. Like premium contents. See premium content can be anything that you want to.

Once you become famous you can offer premium content like: behind the scene content, additional interviews, Ad-free RSS feed, QNA sessions, and more. That’s how you can generate money through premium content.


Another important factor that is you can make money through it. You can arrange events or you can host events.

Let say, for example, you are hosting events. Okay. As a result, you can get the money that you want.

Other than that, you can create more audience through hosting events. Just bring them together and give value to them. So how you gain listeners too.  

Public Speaking

Public speaking is the most valuable technique to earn money. For example, let say people like to hear your podcast and they want to invite you in their live events, conferences to talk about the same niche that they are listening to on your podcast.

Therefore many podcasters approached by people for speaking in public based on your niche. And for that, you can ask money whatever you want. 

These are the main factors to make money from podcasting. You can make your career in podcasting. It’s in-demand right now.

Podcasting in India: Opportunities for 2020-21

Nowadays in India Podcasting takes place as opportunities. I must tell you that for this credit go to Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

Because he is telling stories through the podcast show that is “Mann Ki Baat” which increases the podcast in India. Look at The fact here.

According to PWC, India is the 3rd world’s largest podcast market. Just 2 countries ahead of India that are the USA and China.

As we can see fact that there were 40 million Indian podcast listeners by the end of 2018 and got a 58% rise from 2017.

But if we consider Narendra Modi’s podcast show as “Mann Ki Baat”, you will be surprised to hear that it increases 600 million listeners moved to the podcast. Wow, it’s Awesome!!

There are 6 Indian podcast apps available for listeners.

6 Indian Podcast Apps:

1. Khabri

2. Headfone

3. Aawaz.com

4. Castbox

5. Hubhopper

6. Suno India


This app is available free of cost. Let me tell you that the Khabri app is the fastest growing app.

This app is so convenient for podcasters and listeners because you can provide your content in your language and listeners can hear it too in that language.

Also, listeners can download that audio file and access it offline.


Headfone is one of the highest-rated app that is 4.8 stars out of 5 in podcast platforms in India.  Also, one of the highest downloaded apps like more than 1,000,000 + in less than 2 years.

This app offers a lot of content like on kids, family, religion, spirituality, news, politics (including Narendra Modi’s show “Mann Ki Baat”).

Here, podcaster gets a lot of options on it. Just they have to record it and publish it. Listeners can download any of the podcasts on their devices.


If you are looking for a Hindi podcast then Aawaz.com is the best platform to listen to it. This app is launched in the market at beginning of the year 2019. It also crossed 100,000 + downloads with 4.9/5 rating reviews.

There are a lot of different contents available in this app like comedy, bhajans, celebrity interviews, devotional chants, health-fitness, historical and mythological stories.


Castbox is a global platform but there are 10 million + downloaded in India with 4.6 rated. Castbox offers categories like local news, talk shows, film reviews, and entertainment programs.

The famous show in Castbox is the Musafir stories from Indian travellers and Kahani suno from Hindi literature.


Hubhoper started first as a social network but later on, they shifted on podcast directory. Now they are offering free cost of audiobooks, podcasts, online radio, news, etc.

Hubhoper has a very famous show ‘by Indians, for Indians’ which is available in Hindi, Kannada, English, and Tamil language.

Suno India

Suno India is called a multi-generational podcast platform. They distribute all podcasts to different platforms like Castbox, Google podcast, Apple podcast, and Spotify.  

Benefits of Podcasting

Let’s discuss about major benefits of podcasting:

Benefits of Podcasting:

1. Convenience

2. Easy to Make

3. Cost cutting

4. Portable

5. On-Demand Technology

6. Sharing on Social Media Platforms


In my opinion, convenience is one of the best advantages of podcasting. Why? Because you do not have to worry about the audience when you are on your sales pitch or recording episodes. Listeners can download it later and can access it according to their convenient time.

Easy to Make:

Another biggest advantage is podcast is so easy to make. What you have to do is, you just need a computer or smartphone to record your podcast. Then just broadcast it and it will reach to a number of people.

Cost Cutting:

As we know that podcast delivers on digital platforms so it saves a lot of money like it reduces the costs of papers, printing, meeting costs, email storage costs and a lot of things.    


If you have a portable device then you do not have to worry about it. You can listen to your podcast whenever and wherever you want. Other than that, you can transfer podcasts in your other personal device too.

On-Demand Technology:

The audience is God here. They will decide what to hear and when to. It means that based on niche or interest, the listeners subscribe to your podcast. So they have a great chance to get knowledge about the selected niche that you are providing them.

If they like your knowledge that you providing them, they always eager to wait for the next one. Also, they share these things with others. That’s how you or your podcast will be on-demand.

Sharing on Social Media Platforms:

As we know social media is the biggest platform for everything like marketing and all. In podcasting, once your podcast is recorded and broadcast it, you are getting options in apps to share your podcast on social media platforms. As a result, you can get more and more listeners.   

Disadvantages of Podcasting

Now we know the advantages of podcasting however podcasting has drawbacks too. Let’s check it out.

Drawbacks of Podcasting:

1. Accessibility

2. Loss of Control

3. Expensive Equipment

4. Not Searchable

5. Restriction your Audience

6. Time Consuming


Accessibility is the major drawback of podcasting. Because if you are looking for a bigger audience and some of them do not have or can not access the internet then your podcasting does not work. It means that you lose that amount of audience. This is the biggest drawback as per my concern.

Loss of Control:

We all know that you have options that you can share your podcast on digital platforms easily. However, here is the thing like someone can take your podcast by unauthorized and publish it easily.

Expensive Equipments:

If you want that my podcast channel will be on-demand then you must have the quality of equipment like a microphone. But the microphone costs a lot like a bit expensive. Like the quality of the microphone starts from $199. It’s a lot.

Not Searchable:

The podcast is easy to access but Podcasts are not always easy to search. Like you can not directly search the audio file that’s you are looking for. You have to subscribe first then you can access the audio file.

Restriction Your Audience:

See what happens here is not everybody has a computer or mobile phone. So these people are not able to listen to your podcast. It means that podcasts are simply divided your audience. Which means actually you are losing that audience. This is the other biggest drawback of podcasting.

Time Consuming:

Podcasting is a time-consuming process. If you decide to record a podcast then the very first step is to make a script on your niche. And let me tell guys it takes days to make a script which means to have to give time on it. Then after you have to finalize your podcast.

Once your podcast is recorded then you have to edit them also. So you see guys it’s a time taking process.

Dos and Don’ts for Podcast

As you start a podcast as a beginner, you must keep in mind some points like what you do and what you don’t on the podcast.

Dos and Don'ts For Podcast


  • Find your Niche

First of all, what you have to do is find your niche according to your interest. Once you find out your niche, then find podcasters who are talking about your niche and get some tips from it.  

  • Keep Your Podcast less than 30 mins

According to research, podcast listeners engaged for 20 to 30 mins on average because within 20 to 30 mins mostly you cover your important points on it. So if you are going to launch a new podcast then keep in mind that your podcast should be shorter.  

  • Make Constant Release Schedule

If you are a beginner then this is the most important thing that you must schedule your podcast like specific days, alternate days, weekly or bi-weekly, or monthly.

Because what happens is once you launched your first podcast, listeners are expecting new content from you in the next episode. So you need to make your podcast consistently.  

  • Purchase a Microphone

Before you are going to record the first episode, you must have the quality of the microphone. Because if you have a quality of the microphone, you have a better quality of voice. So listeners can hear proper pronunciations. In this sense, your voice is important for listeners.  

  • Edit Perfectly

After recording your podcast, the first thing you need to do is edit your podcast. The reason behind is you can edit your mistakes and some moments like coughs, sneezes, umm’s and more you do not want to publish it.

  • Publish on all Applications

After record your podcast, you must publish it on all the platforms or applications like an anchor, Spotify, Stitcher, pocket casts, apple podcasts, and more. So you can get more listeners. 

  • Make Scripts

Before you record a podcast, you must have a script in your hand. It is very important. Otherwise, you will get problems in between recoding your podcast maybe you forget some points that you want to discuss it. 

  • Measure Success

The main reason behind to make your podcast is to engage and reach your audience. It means quality matters not the number of episodes that you make.

After publishing your podcast, make sure you measure some factors like subscribers, social shares, downloads, listeners, and reviews.


  • Avoid Jokes

Strictly you need to avoid jokes in between recording. Because listeners do not want to hear jokes from you when they seriously listening to your podcast. Listeners want to gain knowledge from you, not jokes.

  • Try to Sell

Nobody wants to hear your advertisements like selling any products. If you do so, you are just destroying your podcast and losing the audience. So don’t do that if you are a beginner.

  • Ignore Your Audience

Once you published your podcast, people try to contact you or comment on your episodes. You must reply to your audience and if it is possible then personally involved them. Don’t ignore them otherwise you will be lost audience.

  • Wait for Listeners and Subscribers

If your podcast is awesome, it doesn’t mean that you can get more subscribers instantly. If you really want to gain subscribers, listeners, you need to work hard on your niche.

Find out the things that you can work on your audience, subscribers, and more listeners. Don’t wait for people.

The Best Podcasting Platforms as of 2020 are:

1. Buzzsprout

2. Captivate

3. Transistor

4. Castos

5. Podbean

6. Simplecast

7. Resonate

The Best Podcast Apps for 2020 are:

IOS Podcast Applications

1. Overcast

2. Pocket casts

3. Spotify

4. Castro

5. Apple Podcasts

6. Breaker

7. Castbox

Android Podcast Applications

1. Anchor

2. Castbox

3. Doggcatcher

4. Google Podcasts

5. Pocket Casts

6. Podbean

7. Laughable

8. Stitcher

9. Podcast Addict

10. Podcast Go

11. Spotify

12. TuneIn Radio


To sum up, the podcast is a very demanding field for everyone. Throughout the whole article, you know what is podcasting and how it work.

As you are a beginner, let me tell you that you do not need to buy a microphone, just record your podcast on phone and post it.

At the beginner level, this thing is good but after that, you need to get the best quality of microphone that you can make the best podcast there.

So my recommendation is if you are looking to make a career in podcasting then start to record your voice right now.

I have my own podcast channel on the anchor platform. My podcast channel is about Digital Marketing. You can visit the link anchor.fm/digital-mody

If you have any doubts, you know you can reach me on the contact us page. I hope you enjoy the article about what is Podcasting. Comment below the box and do let me know how’s it.

Thank you.

All the best!!

Devansh Mody

I am Digital marketing Blogger. Sharing knowledge about digital marketing, hosting, domains, tools, plugins etc.

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