Best Trading Strategy Step By Step USA 2021 | Ten Steps To Profitable Trading

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  • Step 1 – Researching Winners
  • Step 2 – The Short List
  • Step 3 – Choosing The Stock
  • Step 4 – Identify The Buy Point
  • Step 5 – Buying In
  • Step 6 – Choosing The Stop Loss Point
  • Step 7 – Setting The Stop Loss Point
  • Step 8 – Setting The Breakeven Stop
  • Step 9 – Setting Trailing Stops
  • Step 10 – Locking In Profits


Ten Steps To Profitable Trading | Discover The Amazing Secrets

Welcome all Traders!

We will see best trading strategy step by step in this book.

In this book, you will be learned how and when to buy, and how and when to sell, so that you were buying low and selling high, not other people like 90% of people who trade they end up with holding losses.

This 10 step strategies are so simple and anyone can do it, it won’t take much time.

Since this book available as a digital down loadable ebook, a lot of people from all over the world use this 10 steps to profitable trading as their stock trading strategy.

If you are looking for something which gives you only what you need to be succeed, then the Ten Steps To Profitable Trading is about. Check this out!

Best Trading Strategy Step By Step

Here’s what the ten steps is about.

  • 10 steps are all about knowledge for beginners or who are already in trading. It’s a simple market strategy that buy low and sell high trading that’s maximize the chances of winning and minimize of losing.
  • Even whoever is in trading and they are not satisfy with their results, they can go for this book and refresh their trading approach.
  • 10 steps are about earning a steady income form finite amount of capital so you can build your growth which remains separate from very low risk investment.
  • 10 steps will take you one step at a time through profitable trade like how to choose your stock to get it in at the best possible time and get out from the best possible time.
  • 10 steps provides you understanding that how much you should take risk on your trades so you can get easily get in and out.
  • 10 steps are about allowing your winning trades safely as much and as long as you can.
  • 10 steps are about cutting losers quickly. In other words, with the help of this 10 steps you can preserve your capital.
  • 10 steps are about avoid confusion from the other market indicator, in other sense, you will get step by step knowledge here.
  • 10 steps are about discovering who are the real players in the market not who are the bulls and bears.
  • Smart money makes up 100% of the winning traders that’s learn in this 10 steps who are they and how they do it.
  • From 10 steps, you will learn how to handle news and the hype which surrounds it.
  • The market is driven by fear and greed which cause the panic for public to buy and sell. However, this 10 steps absolutely work independently of the fear and greed which allowing rational trades to be made which capitalize on the hype.
  • 10 steps are about requires your attention once in a system to set your order every couple of weeks and you take profits. Even you do not need to be there at the time either.
  • After all these 10 steps are about living a leisurely and stress free.

“Ten Steps To Profitable Trading”

Let’s talk about ten steps that make it so amazing.

STEP ONE – Researching Winners

If you can see that most of the traders are not easy to catch right stock at right time because they use indicators that have been trained to look for and follow. However, generally those indicators are not giving proper indication of what the stock price is doing or what to do so their entry point is inaccurate and their capital will not be protected.

But here I got a solution for you that is Step 1. Step 1 teaches you that while you choosing a stock to trade with, what you have to look into it. Step 1 explaining you that you need to start off with a dozen so that you can save time and it is going to happen with trick to doing quickly and efficiently.

To know that trick you need to purchase this book.

STEP TWO – The Short List

After step 1, we have dozen of stocks in the running so we can begin to eliminate those which do not make grade. And we can do that with the help of simple indicator that assist you. These simple indicators, in other words you can say that it’s a common sense and general awareness of what kind of products are in public favor and what are not, that’s we need to eliminate weak choice of products.

That’s what about step 2 that is – Short List. Step 2 teaches you how to short list your first run through down to about three. There will be 3 stocks which would give us good profit. And the least chance of turning against us after we take our position.

STEP THREE – Choosing The Stock

After step 2, we have 3 stocks. Okay. Now we need to pick the best one. And let me tell you this is your call because any 1 or 2 or all three could be great stocks for us to trade with it. In addition, traders do not care about what company is and what it does because we are there just to make money. But if you have your own reasons or personal preferences, you can eliminate companies too.

And you are happy to know that step 3 is all about – Choosing the stock. The Step 3 will leave us with one stock which has a lot information including meeting technical, fundamental and personal requirements.

STEP FOUR – Identify The Buy Point

To get in right time is very crucial to minimize the chances of the stock to go against us after we have taken our position. Let me tell you that there is a good way and bad way what traders think. And you know that ten steps will walk you through the least resistance process.

After getting step 3, step 4 will teach you how to identify accurate right time to enter a stock so that your position of stock’s path get least resistance when time is up.

STEP FIVE – Buying In

This is the most important step 5, that you actually need to be there. See at some point your stock will be passed through your buy trigger and you have to place your order. But if you are using a platform that you trade there, you can set automatic buy orders on that platform and even you do not have to there. Moreover, you can set up email alert or sms alert so can know that you bought in.

In short, step 5 will teach you 4 different ways that the stocks can move when you are waiting for your buy point to get triggered. And it will ensure that when the perfect time come, your position will be secure with confidence.

STEP SIX – Choosing The Stop Loss Point

One of the most important steps that is Step 6 – Stop Loss Point. In other words, step 6 is the backbone of the main principal of the ten steps and it is preservation of capital.

The reason behind importance of stop loss is to protect you from yourself. See, humans have oldest instincts like fear and greed which causes all the losses. However, step 6 is all about how to eliminate the oldest instincts from your trading and where you can stop your losses.

STEP SEVEN – Setting The Stop Loss Point

There is a secret behind to choose exactly the right place for stop loss. Do not step up into risk like get too close otherwise you will suffer a big loss if your stock go against you.

If you see small kind of loss ample times then in the end of the day, you get a big loss. But 10 steps will help you to save your capital. Step 7 will teach you exactly where you have to put your stop loss so that you can stay safe.

STEP EIGHT – Setting The Breakeven Stop

If you follow the first few steps properly that provided, you should see the stock price making gains with holding a position with a stop loss in that place.  If we are look at the practical way, we need to protect our capital 100% and we do that by moving our stop up to buy in point. If you do this early, you will be out of the trade again.

So in step 8, you will learn threats that we need to look out before moving our stop up so that we will not get stopped out before we even get started.

STEP NINE – Setting Trailing Stops

Step 1 to step 8, you should be feel very confident. The worst part that can happen that is the stock turns and stops us out with nothing. Due to the way we choose our stock in the first place and the entry point which we secured, the stock will continue drifting onwards and upwards.

Step 9 is all about setting like where to move your stops to so that you are securing profits continuous as the stock rises up, but not getting stopped out before the stock itself runs out of steam.

STEP TEN – Locking In Profits

There are a lot of signs that you can see its going to be happen so that when our stop will close enough to get triggered quickly, locking gains and exiting us from a very profitable trade. In this final step 10, you will be learned what to look for so you can take maximum advantage of the stock price to exit at the best possible time.

Finally, if you follow these 10 steps, I don’t think so you will face any loss. However, you will make money with the help of these 10 steps.

STEP ELEVEN – Bonus Step Eleven

Basically, step 11 is not bonus but it is really about what to do next. Should you replay the same stock or should you move on to another? Step 11 shows some of the best options open to you and discuss different ways to maximize your gains further.

I hope you understand best trading strategy step by step.

To be concluded, from ‘Ten Steps To Profitable Trading’, you will start making profit and stop losses. Moreover, with the purchase of “Ten Steps To Profitable Trading” book, you will receive bonus like advanced level of books.

All the Best Traders!