Top 10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques in 2022 | A Unique Guide

On-page SEO Techniques

As we all know that SEO is a HEART in digital marketing. You can rank your website with help of SEO techniques, especially with On-page SEO techniques.

However, nowadays people focus on off-page SEO techniques to the rank websites but they do not know that it helps at a certain level, not every time or lifetime.

People should focus on on-page SEO techniques because SEO starts from the fundamentals of on-page SEO.

If you use on-page SEO techniques, your website will stay longlasting however you need to upgrade as well but within on-page SEO.

In this article, we will focus on on-page SEO techniques in detail (basics to advanced level) so you can become an expert in SEO and you can definitely rank your website on search engines.

Let’s start from basics like what is on-page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page Optimization

We can consider on-page SEO as a On-site SEO.

On-Page Optimization means to optimize every single page of your website which comes under the rules and regulation of search engines. As a result, it affects your search engine rankings.

If your website is ranking on top of search engines, it means SEO considers a number of factors like title tags, meta description, content, keyword, mobile-friendly, page speed, etc.

Why do we need On-page SEO?

Yes, definetely this question should be arrive in your mind.

The answer is, we need to do on-page SEO because we want our website on the top of search engines, to increased traffic.

If traffic is increased then the conversation rate is also increased. That’s what we want. Right!

However, it does not mean that if you do on-page SEO, your website will be ranked overnight. No, No, that’s not going to happen.

It takes time to come on top position and also it depends on your SEO strategy.

Why On-Page SEO is Important?

The importance of On-Page SEO are –

It identifies your content and your website so search engines understand whether your content is relevant or not.

In other words, I can say like your content solves the user’s query (or doubt) or not?

Also, on-page optimization improves the segments of your website to make it friendlier for users and search engines.

Through on-page SEO techniques, you are getting a targeted audience and your conversion rate will be raised. That is why on-page SEO is very important for us.

I hope you are getting the importance of on-page SEO.

Benefits of On-page SEO

Let’s check it out how on-page SEO is beneficial to us:

Time Saver:

On-Page SEO techniques are easy to control and userfriendly. In terms to add something to our website, it saves a lot of time.

Get More Organic Traffic:

If you are using on-page optimization tactics, organic traffic will be increased on your website. And it stays for long-lasting.  

Page Speed:

Page speed is the primary requirement of every people and if you use the basics of on-page SEO tactics, your page speed will become faster.

Get Higher Rank in SERP:

Through on-page optimization tactics, you can create unique and quality content which is very important to get high rank in search engine result pages.

Gain More Conversion Rate:

Once your website is ranked in the top position of a search engine, you are getting more traffic due to on-page optimization. Once you are getting traffic on your website, you will get a higher conversion rate which creates more sales and earnings.

Improve CTR:

Meta description and Meta title are an important part of SEO. Because it shows the user whether the user has to click or not.

Through meta title and description, you can improve the CTR (Click Through Rate). Once you are getting more CTR, your website will stay on top of the search engine page.

10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques

Now wait is over. It’s time to understand how we can On-Page SEO techniques and how it works.

10 On-page SEO Checklist / Techniques:

1. Title Tags

2. Meta Description

3. Heading Tags

4. Image Optimization

5. URL Structure

6. Keyword Optimization

7. Page Speed

8. Internal Linking

9. Mobile Friendly

10. Content

Title Tags

The most important and user’s emphasis on this technique on on-page seo.

Title tags come in the head section of the webpage and it plays a vital role in terms of SEO.

In this technique, you have to use your focus keywords in the title tag of each page which optimized your site.

And most importantly title tag should be matched with the user’s searching keywords in search engines. In short, you can say that the title tag should be the user’s query.

Title Tag - On-Page SEO

There are some tips for title tags to attract people for your website.

  • The title tag should not be greater than 70 characters.
  • Set the focus keyword at the beginning of the title so search engines understand your target or focus keyword.
  • The title tag must be unique and readable to users.

If you can see the above image, my focus keyword is Digital Marketing Training Institute. When people search for a digital marketing institute, my website will appear on google search engine because of my focus keyword.

Meta Description

As a user point of view, meta descriptions are an important part of SEO because it provides a short description of the whole page.

Where you can find it then you can check the below image. It shows up in the search engine results page under the URL of your website.

Meta Description - On-Page SEO

Other than that, why is it important then, meta description give direction to users whether they should go for this website or not. That’s why the meta description should be more specific, relevant, attractive, and appropriate manner.

There are some tips for Meta Description.

  • Make sure the meta description includes the specific keywords & focus keywords for the webpage.
  • Meta description length should be between 140 to 160 characters long.

Heading Tags

Basically, Heading tags are HTML tags.

In other words, you can say that it a summary of your content. Most important, the heading provides the structure of your article.

According to me, I consider heading tags as the user’s query. So heading tags must be attractive so user takes interest to read the whole article.

Heading Tags - On-Page SEO

There are some tips for heading tags.

  • H1 tag is considered as Title tag of your content.
  • H2 consider as subheading.
  • Heading tag should be little bit long and attractive.

Image optimization

Image optimization is also an important factor of SEO.

Your article must have images because it is easy to understand the content of the article. In other words, the image should be answered to your question like what the user is looking for. 

For example, you can see the below image. It is a user’s query like the user wants to know “How SEO Works”. So you have to set up an image like this so users take interest in the article.

Image Optimization

There are some tips for image optimization.

  • The image name must be relevant to your content.
  • The image must have a focused keyword.
  • Image size should bot be large. You need to set it up according to requirements.
  • Use Alt Text for accessibility.
  • Choose the right format.
  • The image should not be copyright. (Like you can not take from Google)
  • Make sure your images are mobile-friendly.

URL Structure

URL structure is a vital part of On-Page SEO.

Your URL should be easy to remember and easy to pronounce. In my opinion, the URL mentions your brand name.

Other than that, your URL must have a focus keyword so it is easy to rank in search engines. The reason behind making a shorter URL is it displays on the search engine result page.

Here is URL structure:


There are some tips for URL.

  • Improve user experience.
  • Users must use the focus keyword in the URL because it helps to get a higher ranking in search engines.
  • URL should be easy like people can remember your URL.
  • Try your URL short as much as you can.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is also known as Keyword Research. Keyword research is one of the most important factors in SEO because the targeted (focus) keyword is everything.

For example below image shows my keyword “Career in Digital Marketing”. If the user searches this keyword, my website will appear in the search engine.

Keyword Optimization

If you choose keyword as user’s query, you will get more traffic on your website.

There are some tips for Keywords.

  • Use the long-tail keyword as you are a beginner
  • The keyword should be the user’s query
  • Choose that keyword who has at least 1000 search volume (As per Ubersuggest)
  • Keyword difficulty should be less than 20 (As per Ubersuggest) 

Here are some benefits of Keyword Optimization:

  • With the help of keyword optimization, it helps to measure the traffic potential of your website.
  • By keyword optimization process, we would know about user’s behavior like what kind of keywords users are searching for.
  • Through keyword research, you can get focus keyword and through focus keyword, you will get more traffic on your website.

Page Speed

Page speed is playing important role in SEO. Because if your website is open in a speedy way then users like to click on your website.

If your page load faster then you website will rank in search engines.

For example, you can see below the image, the page speed for the whole website is 71 score which is quite good. But you can improve more than this score.

Page Speed

There are some tips for page speed.

  • Try to keep image size as low as you can
  • Always clear cache from your website
  • Use proper hosting plan

Internal Linking

What is Internal Linking? It is like you are giving a link to another page but only on your own website.

If you do Internal linking, you can get more traffic on your website like user visits more pages and stay for a long time.

If traffic increased, conversation rate will be increased too.

There are some tips for internal linking.

  • Give internal link to another existing post but it should be relevant

For example: let me give you example for internal linking. Here it is.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays people are using mobile than other devices. So make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Why your website should be mobile friendly?

Here it is. More than 50% – 60% you are getting traffic from mobile devices.

Also, search engines are more emphasis on mobile users so the website should be mobile-friendly.

If users can not access your website from mobile, your website ranking will be down. If website ranking is down then the conversation rate also down. Now you know the importance of mobile-friendly.

 You can see below image, my website is mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly

If you want to check your URL whether is it mobile-friendly or not? You can go through this link.

Check your URL here. Click on it.


In my opinion, content is the principal of SEO. If your content is good, the user takes interest to read it.

But how to do it? It is very important.

The answer is your content must be user’s query.

For example: if the user has doubts and they simply search on the search engine (Google). If they find out the solution to their query, you can say that your content is perfect.

In short, you are writing content for people so your content must be unique, qualitative, and easy to understand.   


To sum up this article, from the whole article now we know how On-page SEO techniques are important for business and specific people too.

If you are going with on-page SEO tactics which I mention above, I can say that your website will be ranked on the search engine.

However, if you just started to build your website then it takes time to rank your website on search engines.

Meanwhile, you have to updated your keyword, your article, solve user’s query, etc.

My recommendation to all people, go for above all techniques because I am personally using these techniques.

I hope you like this article which I explained in detail and I cleared your doubts as well.

Now I need help from you people like let me know how’s my article about on-page optimization in the comment below the box.

Thank You so much.

Have fun! Enjoy your day! 

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