Top 10 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques for 2022 | A Complete Guide

Off-Page SEO

There are two factors to be run successfully SEO. One is On-page SEO techniques and another one is Off-page SEO techniques.

Both are very important, I mean to say we can’t do anything without both techniques. They are just like both sides of a coin, complements each other.

I already discussed On-page SEO and On-page SEO techniques. In this article, we will focus on the best off-page SEO techniques only so you will get more traffic and rank your website.  

Introduction to Off-Page SEO

Before we go into off-Page SEO, let’s look at the quick about SEO. I already discuss the basics of SEO but let me tell you guys one more time about SEO.

SEO means it optimizes your content and your website so you will get results on top of search engines with the help of a specific keyword. 

Mostly, in Off-Page SEO, people use some kind of methods (we will see these methods soon) which are beyond the limitation of your website, to rank your website on search engine result pages like the building of links.

In my way, I can say that off-page SEO deals with building valuable or relevant links for SEO. This is the fundamentals of off-page SEO.

We will see, what is Off-Page SEO, the importance of Off-Page SEO, and how Off-Page SEO works such as techniques in detail.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page optimization

Off-Page SEO is some kind of activity or technique done by users off a website to increase their website rank in search engine results pages.

In other words, it has some techniques to improve the position of your website in search engines.

Generally, what users do is, they are getting a number of as well as quality of backlinks to rank their website on search engine results pages that are the main factor of Off-Page SEO.

There are other factors also like social media marketing, social bookmarking, blog commenting, article submission, directory submission, etc are an integral part of off-page SEO.

In addition, off-page SEO is time consuming process but it is long-lasting process.

Importance of Off-Page SEO

The importance of off-page SEO is to rank your website on the top position on search engine page results. That’s the priority of every user.

Moreover, it helps you to increase backlinks or external links to your own website. As result, you are getting more traffic on your website. In addition, your conversation rate and domain authority are also increased.  

Now, you can imagine how off-page SEO is important for us. Now, look at some benefits of it.

Benefits of Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO

If you make a good strategy of off-page SEO, definitely it will give you benefits. Let’s check out some of them.

Get Higher Rank 

One of the important benefits is users can increase their website rank in search engine result pages through off-page SEO techniques.

Increase in Page Rank 

Through off-page SEO tactics, you can rank your website on the first page which is very important to get your traffic and get more conversation rates.

Extra Exposure

Due to website ranks on the top position, you will get higher exposure.

Also, on another platform that is social media, you will get more traffic on your website and again you will get extra exposure.

Off-Page SEO Techniques:

Off-Page SEO techniques

Now, the wait is over. It’s time to understand how we can use Off-Page SEO techniques. So let’s discuss Off-Page SEO techniques in detail so you can rank your website on the top of the search engine.

10 Best Off-page SEO Checklist / Techniques:

1. Blog Commenting

2. Article Submissions

3. Social Bookmarking

4. Social Networking

5. Press Release Submission

6. Directory Submission

7. Guest Posting

8. Ask Questions & Answers

9. Forums

10. Influencer Outreach

Blog Commenting

Basically, you can consider blog commenting as a bond or link between bloggers and readers.

Blogging is nothing but a blogger wants to communicate with you through their blogging or make the article.

Generally, the blogger expresses or share their ideas, thoughts and also gives an opinion about a specific blog or subject, or product.

In a simple way, we can say that blog commenting is nothing but an action taken by readers and viewers.

After reading your blog, the readers, viewers, and visitors leave a comment on your blog post.

Most of the comments are in the form of asking questions, suggestions, and opinions about your blog or grateful to share knowledge with everyone.

In addition, blog comments help the blogs to get more traffic.

Blog Commenting - OffPage SEO

You can see the above image or section after completion of every blog. In this, you can leave your comment as a suggestion, appreciation, or doubts.

If you are looking to make and get backlinks for your website then blog commenting is a successful technique. And from that, you will get traffic and visibility on search engine result pages.

Here are some benefits of blog commenting.

  • You can aware and build your brand
  • Through commenting more traffic you can gain
  • You can stay in touch with an influencer
  • Blog comments can get your blog post updated

Article Submissions

Article Submissions have a vital role in off-page SEO. It is the most effective technique of off-page SEO.

The main purpose of this technique is to get more and more visitors to your website so your website will be ranked on search engines.

However, make sure your article must be unique and high quality.

Submit Article - OffPage SEO

You can see the above image of the article submission. Just you have to write a unique article and submit it. That’s all. It’s so easy to do it.

There are many benefits of article submissions like:

  • It helps to create quality backlinks
  • Due to an informative and unique article, you will increase your traffic on your website and the conversation rate will be increased too.
  • You can boost your online business
There are a lot of websites available that you can submit your articles on it.













Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is one of the most important off-page tactics to get more traffic on your website.

There are a lot of social bookmarking websites available.












12. and more

On these websites, you can submit or promote your webpage as well as blogs. Through these websites, you can get backlinks and traffic on your website.

Once you get traffic, the conversation rate and your website will be ranked on the top of the SERPs.

Let me share an example with you guys with Pinterest.

Social Bookmarking - Pinterest - OffPage SEO

Just you have to create your account on it. After that just upload an image of your blog and give your web link. So if they click on it, they will directly go to that webpage.

Also, you have to give a title that is attractive and relevant to your blog. The description is also an important part of it so make quality and unique.

If you follow these steps, you can see traffic comes from pinterest in your analytics.  

Social Networking

Social media networking is the biggest and most trending platform in digital marketing.

In my opinion, more than 70% of the traffic you will get from social networking sites. So if you do not have an account on social networking sites then I strongly recommended you make it right now.

Top 5 Social Networking sites are:






Let me provide you an example for instagram.

Social Networking

The above image shows an Instagram account. What you have to do is, daily you need to upload a photo and story based on your niche. For example, you can share your knowledge with them through the image.

Also, you can go live on Instagram so you will get more engagement here. And you can promote your product and website so basically, you can generate traffic through social networking sites.

Press Release Submission

Press release submission is the most effective technique and is an integral part of an off-page SEO strategy.

It helps to publish your events and services on your website. As a result, your SEO part will be improved your site. However, the article should be informative which creates interest in the reader.

In Press Release Submission, you just need to write about your profile, your product, or anything of your business and submit on press release submission sites. That’s all.

However, most of websites are paid version but some of offering a bit of free.

The benefits of this technique are you can get your traffic on your website and we will get links too. And we all know that if traffic comes to our website, the conversation rate will be high.       

Press Release

Above image is from and in this you just have to create account and submit article. That’s all.

There are a lot of websites available to submit your article.














14. and many more.

Directory Submission

Another one of the best off-page SEO technique is Directory Submission. It creates high-quality backlinks of your website to rank in SERPs.

In this technique, what you do is just put the URL of your website under a particular category and to generate high-quality backlinks.

So what happens in these directories, your own website is submitted to another website.

There are a lot of directory submission websites available.










10. and more
Directory Submission

The above image is from You can submit your URL based on your niche. However, it is not free of cost. You need to pay a certain amount of money.

Benefits for Directory Submission are:

  1. Increase the backlinks of your website
  2. Its help in permanent listing in another website
  3. Guarantee to index in search engine

Guest Posting

Guest blogging is one of the best online marketing strategies you can invest in. The main purpose of guest posting is to create backlinks.

In the sense, it is the process of post your blogs to another user’s blogs. As a result, you can get backlinks.

By creating backlinks, your website rank will be improved. 

There are a lot of websites available, let’s check it out some of them. Depends on your niche, you have to select a website. Here I am taking digital marketing blogs.

There are a lot of Guest Posting websites available.



3. Mashable

4. Social media today

5. Creative bloq

6. Outbrain

7. Shout me loud and more

Here are some benefits of Guest Posting:

  • Helps you to get backlinks
  • Assists you to promote your website
  • Opportunity to promote your content
  • Increase your traffic through backlinks
  • You can target your traffic
  • You can make your personal network

Ask Question & Answer

Ask QNA is one of the best off-page SEO techniques in digital marketing.

You just have to ask questions related to your niche. And if someone asks you to give an answer then you need to give answers. That’s how you can engage with your audience.

During QNA you can create a link which directs to your webpage and you are getting traffic on your website.

There are a lot of website for QNA.







7. and more

Let me provide you with an example of

Ask Questions & Answers

The above image is from You can drive your traffic from here by asking question and answers


Forum is a great technique to promote about your website and products.

In this technique, you just have to find out forum discussion based on your niche. And participate in it.

You need to try to make connections there. For example: take participate in the discussion topics and try to solve their problems. Also, give your valuable suggestion to them.

Sources are like Quora, Reddit, yahoo answers, and more. That’s how you can create your link also.

Influencer Outreach

In my sense, it is a technique to reach out to influencer. 

Let me explain in detail.

For example, if you create content. Ok. And if you think it is quality and worth it to share then reach out to an influencer.

You can contact them and check out for content that you have created. After that, you can ask for valuable backlinks.

That’s how you can create backlinks and get your website rank on top of the SERPs.

Conclusion of off-page SEO techniques:

To sum up this article, I put all my knowledge in this article that whatever I know. Most of the people are using these off-page SEO techniques in digital marketing to rank their website.

However, on-page SEO techniques are also an important part of SEO. We can’t go with only one technique. We have to go with both techniques because they are on the same page.

If you are looking for backlinks, off-page SEO is the best tactic to get your website rank on top of the SERPs. And I already discussed all off-page SEO tactics that you can follow it.

My personal recommendation to all people, go for all on-page and off-page SEO techniques for your website so you will get better results.

I hope this article is cleared your doubts.

Now I need help from you people like let me know how’s my article about off-page optimization in the comment below the box. You can also provide your suggestion that I need to do.

Thank you so much for reading.

Enjoy your day! 

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